B2B Software Marketing:
Sell More Software By Helping Your Customers
Buy the Way They Prefer

Most companies have changed the way they buy software in recent years. The changes are well documented in a number of in-depth studies. You've probably seen your own evidence: decision markers are harder to reach, people do a lot of online research before they talk to your sales reps, and buyers are preoccupied with risk

But many B2B software companies have been slow to adapt their marketing and sales to the way their prospects prefer to buy. 

If your software company is among the laggards, it's probably costing your shareholders a lot of money: lost revenue, longer sales cycles, and high marketing and sales costs

If your personal income or your budget is linked to revenue growth -- and whose income or budget isn't related to revenue, directly or indirectly? -- then slowness to adapt is also costing you personally

The changes in customer buying preference affect both Marketing and Sales. If your Marketing and Sales teams are not on the same page, it'll be that much harder for your company to change. 

Redwell is a service provider for B2B software companies who are trying to adapt. We provide copywriting and creative services, consulting, research, training, and managed services for select inbound-marketing and marketing-automation systems, includidng HubSpot.  

The methods we favor are inbound marketing, content marketing, agile marketing and direct marketing

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"[Redwell] turned us on to inbound marketing a few years ago, and we've been doing it the way they suggested ever since.

"We've won several big deals that we owe to relationships we built this way. Our customers are multibillion-dollar companies, and the deals are big. The change has been great for us."

 - Mike Hrabe, VP Sales & Marketing, Quantum Retail, Inc.

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